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Volunteering opportunities at Kent’s historic forts

There are volunteering opportunities at a number of Kent’s historic forts. These can be interestingly varied. Depending upon the sites concerned they may, for example, involve helping to expose buried structures, clearing or controlling vegetation over or around them, assisting with restoration, historic refurnishing and fitting out as well as carrying out historical research and acting as a guide for

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The Defence of Swale Project

The Defence of Swale Project The Defence of Swale project is a London Array funded and Kent County Council administered heritage project. The project is designed to map and catalogue 20th century military and civil defence assets of Swale to provide an overview of Swale’s defence heritage. The project aims to provide an improved understanding of the District’s 20th century

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The Battle of Britain that Never Was!

The Battle of Britain that Never Was! In May 2014 the Historic Defence Committee in partnership with KAS, Maidstone Museum and KCC ran a battlefield tour of the WW1 defensive sites of Swale and Sheppy. Download the guide here: The Battle of Britain that Never Was  

An Overview of the 20th Century Military and Civil Defences of Swale

AN OVERVIEW OF THE TWENTIETH-CENTURY MILITARY AND CIVIL DEFENCES OF SWALE Victor TC Smith(With contributions from Alan Anstee) This overview is intended to give a general and local context for the assistance of those participating in the Defence of Swale project. From their investigations a detailed study can emerge. The project is coordinated by Kent County Council and funded by

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